I’ve bought the ebook - how do I transfer it to my reading device?

Posted by Bold Support on

The easiest way is to open this email on your ereader, hit download, then open the file once it’s done. Your device should recognize that this is an ebook and open it with the right app. If this doesn’t work, try: Navigate to ‘My Files’ -> ‘Downloaded Files’. Press on the Detective Dot ebook until a drop down menu appears Select ‘Open With…’ and then find your ereading app. To download it via your computer: Download the file onto your computer, using the link Connect your ereader to your computer. Open up your ereader files on your computer. On your computer, navigate to the place on your ereader where your other ebooks are saved (or just to a folder which you’ll be able to find via your ereader). Copy the file from your computer’s Downloads folder into that ereader folder. On your ereader, navigate to the folder where you’ve just saved it Select ‘Open With…’ and then find your ereading app  No luck? Contact us at hi@detectivedot.org and we’ll try to help.