How do the CIA packs work?

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When you buy the CIA pack, either on its own or in the Megapack with the book, the pack’s receiver gets lifetime membership to the Children’s Intelligence Agency (CIA). A TOP SECRET envelope is sent straight to the receiver, containing a membership card, CIA missions, stickers, and a welcome letter addressed to them! The welcome letter begins as follows: "Dear Recruit, We believe you are an ideal agent for the Children’s Intelligence Agency, a secret organisation investigating criminal networks, global mysteries, and rotten teachers. Your ability to think for yourself and conjure up brilliant, totally out-of-the-ordinary ideas, your tendency to ask questions, your strong imagination, your skill for finding out secrets, and your knack for pulling the wool over adults' eyes are exactly the sort of skills we look for in an agent. As a member of the CIA…" In the order page, you can write the receiver’s name, which will replace “Recruit”, and any personalized message you want, which will replace the whole paragraph reading “Your ability to...look for in an agent.” You can add the receiver’s own skills and interests, to make it extra exciting, or whatever else you want! Just remember how this message will fit into the rest of the letter: signing it with your own name, for example, will look odd in the middle of a letter from the CIA!

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