14-day Spy Training Programme - Because, Easter holidays 😱 😱 😱

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14-day Spy Training Programme - Because, Easter holidays 😱 😱 😱

Navigating your kids' education at home is hard work. None of us are teachers, we’re just PEOPLE living in a box (except for teachers, you guys are teachers 🙌🏽). So, we made new things: 

💪🏽 A Parent’s Guide to Coding for Kids - what’s the difference between an algorithm and your elbow? It’s got cat pictures. Here.

🥚 For everyone with a copy of Detective Dot, get through the Easter holidays 😱 with our 14 Day Spy Training Programme

✏️ Because we can’t send post anymore, we’ve made our Spy Megapack digital. Get it here.

🎹 Are you a key worker? WELOVEYOU. You’re so amazing, we can’t say thank you enough 😍 Go to our products page or email us to get all of our digital products for free. Share with key-workers. Don’t take the Michael 🔑

And finally, because we believe that there are never too many CTAs, don’t forget your kids can still access free spy material on the CIA App (Android + iPhone) and the CIA website

Questions? Good. Get in touch at hi@brightlittlelabs.org

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