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Ada Lovelace


Here’s a hit list of other amazing STEM people Dot wants to be friends with.

  1. Jess Wade

Detective Dot’s IRL best friend spreads joy daily using her wit, intellect and doodling skills. Her physics PhD comes in handy when Dot needs help with super-tiny-nano clues. Jess also advocates relentlessly for equal access to STEM education. Happy Birthday Wade 💥💥💥 We hope NASA made you a cake. YES, YOU HEARD US RIGHT, OUR BESTIE IS AT NASA RIGHT NOW.

  1. Shirly Jackson

No known relationship to Michael, Shirly made a LOADS of things that help us live in 2017. From caller ID to fibre optic cables, Shirly has made fielding scary calls from your mum and faster Netflix download speeds a whole lot easier.

2. Elizabeth Magie

You know that boardgame you get out once a year with your family only to fight over who really took the money from Free Parking 🚕? You have Elizabeth Magie to thank for that.

3. Norma Sklarek

Ever looked up at a building and thought ‘WOW - I wonder who build that’? Norma Sklarek, probably. She made some AY MAY ZING buildings. Being the first African-American female architect in 1954 she faced a bunch of obstacles like Ada, but continued to strive and make her own path.

4. Roya Mahboob

Even though we are 100% anti-homework, we don’t mind the classroom. Especially now we have digital classrooms and multimedia learning platforms, thanks to Roya.. One of the first Female tech CEOs in Afghanistan she is paving the way for a new generation 💻

5. Sunita Williams

Marathons are difficult. We think. We’ve never done one.  But for Sunita, a normal gravity filled marathon was a piece of space-cake. She completed the Boston marathon IN SPACE 🛰, making her the first person to ever do so.

We love all these women and what they’ve done, and so would’ve Ada.

Peace, Love + Code

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