CIA Spy Watch Development

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The CIA Dept. of Inventions & Ideas is responsible for developing technology at the cutting edge of innovation, for the use of agents like Detective Dot.

Here, you can see stages of the design process for our new Spy Watch, conceived by Agent DJ*, aged 8. It allows users to instantly change disguise, which is very handy in high-risk missions.

Developmental Sketches

User Research

Interviews with 50 agents for user feedback and insights, which are fed into final designs.

  • Imah Barnarnah - “It’s important to have an emergency alert function, for situations where backup is required”
  • Mack A. Rooney - “It needs to look like a normal watch too”

Final designs

Stay tuned, next week we’ll post more CIA designed spy gadgets!

*All names have been changed to respect the privacy and safety of our agents

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