Detective Dot, imminently!

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Thanks the amazing support of all our backers, friends and mentors, Detective Dot will be with us soon! Here’s some mostly unexpected stuff that happened along the way*:

We dreamt of writing a super cool, stereotype-defying story to inspire children everywhere and we made post-it fuelled plans to launch on Kickstarter. What could go wrong?

  • The first thing that went wrong is that we didn’t think about the fact our campaign would run over Christmas. When everyone is on holiday or busy thinking about reindeers. So December was spent without our normal appetite for Yorkshire puddings**.
  • We were sent to DC. We MET PRESIDENT OBAMA and he loved Dot.***
  • Meanwhile, back in storyland, the first version of D. Dot was over 50,000 words and too complicated for my mum. Story’s now 20,000 words.
  • We’re agile hipsters, so in brave rebellion of publishing norms, we carried out seventeen rounds of user feedback. Along the way we lost Alara Hottaire (Shelly Belly’s annoying PR) and changed global retailer LargeMarge Inc. (large margins!) to Shelly Inc. Time consuming, but worth it.
  • The CIA visited schools. Teachers begged to join, but they were too old and too teachery.
  • Excellent feedback on v19. Except the bit where Dot sneaks her sidekick Drone through a scanner by reprogramming an x-ray machine … because hacking at an international airport is never funny (even if you’re part of the Children’s Intelligence Agency!) and had some teachers worrying about radicalisation. Big rewrite, again.
  • All the changes to the story drive our illustrators Nathan and Nerea mad. Plus, we can’t decide where to put the appendix. Or is it a glossary. A Glappendix?
  • Thankfully, people continue to say lovely things about us. Makers lists Detective Dot one of 12 empowering books every girl should read. We’re ready.****

* We’re properly sorry for being late ** this isn’t true, but we did almost lose our appetites  *** also not true  **** If any of you are planning on doing something similar, we’d be more than happy to share our war stories with you over a cuppa.

We’re very excited. We know it’s not the most modest or British thing to say, but we totally love Detective Dot and we hope you will too!


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