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Mums are the best. That’s why we’re so glad we got to launch Detective Dot surrounded by the lovely mums (and dads, grandparents, pets + a very special 2 year old called Jack) at Mumsnet Blogfest ‘16. We were chuffed by the enthusiasm for Detective Dot and what she stands for - poo jokes. And, of course, coding, diversity, equality, fairness and fun.

The whole D Team represented - our writer John, our illustrator Nathan, our resident physicist Jess Wade, Dot’s Grandma and Dot’s-Grandma’s-boyfriend!


Our illustrator Nathan MADE (not ordered) this picture board with leftover cardboard boxes! Here’s Jack, our favourite guest, inside it.  


Our amazing writer John taking stock on the day. 


Cupcakes courtesy of the CIA’s Resident Physicist Jess Wade. 


What we made! We are super proud. 

Our writer John had a brilliant idea after the event. 

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