Detective Dot’s Gang

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Detective Dot, an unstoppably curious coder

Dot is modern day detective, with a passion for anything techy. Plus she has a special power: she can talk to everyday stuff! Dot is a clever girl. She knows having a smartphone means nothing if you don’t have a smart brain to use it!


Miss Drone, no ordinary sidekick

Drone is a small flying robot, which Dot built all by herself. Dot’s programmed Drone to do all kinds of cool spy stuff including recording videos, analysing sounds and cracking codes...unless she’s low on battery, has a bug, needs an update, or worst of all - can’t get signal (cue hissy fit).


Tumble, a special ball of string

Silly and vain, Tumble only stops talking about himself when he’s pouting for selfies. He was once a designer t-shirt (something he loves reminding people about) and his silliness often lands the gang in troublesome situations. His selfies do, however, occasionally capture important clues, and he loves helping Dot with her detective work.


The Children’s Intelligence Agency, a top secret team

TOP SECRET INFORMATION FOR CHILDREN’S INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OPERATIVES ONLY. Interested in joining? If you’re under over 7 and under 12 and have top notch tech skills, a cool head for danger, or any intelligence on Shelly Inc., the CIA want you.


Shelly Belly, Dot’s greedy archenemy

Shelly Belly created her tech company Shelly Inc. in her bedroom when she was just 13. Three years and several gazillion dollars later, she has developed a taste for power and a new life motto: profit before babies, kittens and people! The CIA is determined to discover how and why Shelly is making so much money. But Shelly is dead set on stopping detectives, snoopers and investigators in their tracks.


Shelly Inc., the world’s biggest store

Shelly Inc. is pretty much everywhere, with 24/7 infomercials and pop star ambassadors. It's even sponsoring Dot’s school lessons! It offers super-fast same-hour delivery, and everything is so cheap no one cares if it’s faulty. Just throw it away and buy another one.

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