EDF + The Book Club with No Books

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We’ve been hanging out with our friends at EDF Energy again! This time our creator Sophie went to talk to all the lovely innovators at the Blue Lab away day at The Book Club in London.

It turns out this isn’t actually a book club, which is  a bit confusing. Perhaps all the books have been stolen? We’ll get the CIA on the case… 


EDF are determined to improve the  lives of their customers through technology and Blue Labs is their platform to encourage innovation through the best talent. As well as being the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity they are working hard to encourage more kids into STEM - something we are so pleased to be part of.

We’ve been pals with EDF since December when we won their Pulse Award for inspiring young people into tech! 

Watch this space  for more updates on our partnership including bringing Detective Dot and the Children’s Intelligence Agency (the CIA) to 22,000 schools. That’s a LOT of mega-farting selfie sticks! 

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