For kids who binge everything on Netflix

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Let’s be real, who didn’t watch season four of Stranger Things over one weekend? Liars, that’s who. There is no way you stopped after just one episode of She-Ra. Or The Crown. Or The Good Place. Or – okay we’ll stop. 

  1. Stranger Things Baking Book  - £7.19 

Who doesn't want to make a demogorgon out of eggos??

  1. Who in the world is Carmen Santiago’- Rebecca TInker - £7.19 

A retelling of the first two episodes of the Netflix reboot. Discover Carmen Santiago is perfect in a 2D format, telling the same story for half the screen time. 

  1. Princess PR from She-Ra - £9.26

Support the Princess Alliance! 

  1. Pop Vinyl Toothless Figure - £12.70 

Own your own dragon. FLying lessons not included. 

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