Gifts for kids that you’ll want to steal

Posted by Detective Dot on

1. LEGO - Starter Pack £24.99

Seriously, who doesn't love LEGO?

2.The Boys at The Back of the Class - £6.99

A hilarious and heart-warming story about a child refugee and his band of friends. It’s funny, timely and has a great message at its heart. 

3. Powerup 3.0 Smartphone Paper Airplane Kit - £59.99

Learn how to fly a (paper) plane using just your phone. Seriously. 

4.Illuminating blocks - £20.99

What’s better than LEGO? LIGHT-UP LEGO. 

5. Gravitax Start Set - £31.99

Design your own marble run. You can make a track in the shape of a dog, a cat or a dog, pretending to be a cat. The options are limitless. 

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