Gifts for kids who took part in the climate strike

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Kids are taking a stand for their future and we support them 100%. Changing the world isn’t just for Christmas – it’s for life. Support the cause with planet-friendly gifts. 

1. Give an experience 

    Buy a circus class or a couple of hours in an indoor skydiving arena. Less plastic, something they won’t forget and can be bought on 24th December at 11:52pm. 

    2. Buy a bike 

      Buy a second-hand bike from Gumtree or a local bike shop*. 

      *wrapping instructions are, sadly, not included

      3. Make something 

        Make redeemable coupons for family, siblings, and friends (I promise not to annoy you for 1/2/3/4 hours; I promise you can choose what to watch on Netflix, etc.)

        4. Grow your own popcorn - £12.00

          Grow your own corn. This kit comes from a sustainable and recycled supplier, so you can feel good whilst munching your way through the second-best movie snack (the first being beans, of course).  

          5. Buy a subscription 

            Sign your little one up for a monthly subscription service – from nature-inspired crafts to recycled projects a great present that lasts throughout the year. This one comes in a 100% recyclable box

            6. Modelling clay 

              100g of squishy organic modelling clay. No perfumes or made-up preservatives, just good old squishy goodness. 

              7. Biodegradable glitter

                Seriously who DOESN’T love glitter?! Maybe parents and vacuum cleaners, but they both suck anyway. Boom. Purchase some guilt-free glitter that they can use on their next placard or project.

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