Kids need digital skills to survive the Robots. Tedx Talk!

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Our founder Sophie Deen put on her (slightly) sensible hat and gave a TEDX talk! Whilst we love fart jokes + inventing cool new spy equipment for The Children’s Intelligence Agency but sometimes we need to get serious  so we decided to use the Ted platform to talk  about preparing kids for the Robot Revolution.


Kids Need Digital Skills

As everything becomes digital, digital skills become a basic literacy, as fundamentally important as reading and writing. But we still put as much focus on handwriting as computer science skills in school so where can kids learn the skills they need.

The Robot Takeover

As artificial intelligence develops, there will be fewer and fewer jobs that a robot can’t do better. If you were born today in the year 2050 you’ll be 23 and entering a very different job market. All cars will be driverless and 50% of the jobs we know today - lawyers, accountants, doctors - surgeon, maybe even footballers, will be carried out by machines. What will you do?

How to survive in The Digital Age

We need to understand how to create, control and change new technology, not just consume it. Those who can speak the modern global language that computers speak in - code - will have a chance of surviving the robot revolution.

Kids at Risk from Robots

ALL kids should be prepared for the digital age job market, but unless something changes now that won’t happen.  Only 20% of the tech industry is female or from ethnic groups. We need a way to access all kids + we believe that is through a media revolution.

So who is Ted?

Ted’s a NPO* that’s all about spreading valuable information - like the internet but with more quality control. TedX  talks analyse and question ‘social norm’ behaviour and  propose an alternative view.  We created The Children’s Intelligence Agency to seek new information so we couldn’t wait to do our talk.

OK, we could wait…

Public speaking = sweaty agent face. We like working undercover not on a stage AND the talk was being filmed 😱 But we know telling adults about the importance of digital skills matters and so that’s why our founder took one for Team Detective Dot and took to the TedX stage.

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