Meet Jenna!

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Hey! I’m Jenna

and I spent a week at the CIA 😎

The CIA HQ is so high tech - did you know everyone sits on hover chairs that float around the room.

I spent the whole time training to be a secret agent and doing some super secret stuff. But it's top secret so I couldn’t possibly tell you what it was…

I think that Detective Dot and everyone at the CIA is super cool because everyone fights crime and homework, and makes really funny fart jokes.

I had a fun time at the CIA helping Detective Dot on her newest missions, researching panelists for Sophie’s CMC panel and helping Bright Little Labs find an illustrator...ooops 😱 I wasn’t meant to say that!

For anyone planning on working at Bright Little Labs come prepared with your best jokes (and for the best laughs, fart jokes).

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