Mission World Wide Web

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We have released free primary school curriculum materials in collaboration with EDF Energy’s digital schools programme, the Pod.

The materials introduce the World Wide Web and its natural equivalent, the Wood Wide Web. They explain how digital information is sent through the cables of the World Wide Web just as nutrients are sent through the fungi network of the Wood Wide Web. Children will learn about the interconnectedness of living organisms and the interconnectedness of networked devices.

The materials will also introduce children to the mysterious world of the CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency), to encourage kids to carry out STEM based activities on and offline. From an A1 wall poster that depicts the symmetry between the network of underground wires and the natural network of roots and mycelium, to a specially designed assembly presentation, these free materials are available on EDF Energy’s Pod website now: https://jointhepod.org/campaigns/worldwideweb 

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