Small-Business gifts for small people

Posted by Alice Waterman-Hale on

For #smallbiznesssunday, we want to give a shout-out to the other awesome small businesses this Christmas. 

1. Together Equal: Conversation cards - Available at National Theatre  

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about things with kids. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about things with adults. That’s why Together Equal made a game which helps you do both. We’re just hoping the next version includes a way to make it easier to talk to pets. 

2. Omega Outdoor Adventure

The great outdoors. Kayaking, archery, trees, attack squirrels -- all things you may encounter on your own adventure with this Staffordshire-based company.

3. Groovy Baby  - ethically made clothing in an independent boutique  

Get yourself an extra-smoochy jumper this Christmas from Groovy Baby, where all the clothes are made ethically and sustainably. 

4. Virtual-tee - bring together AR on a T-shirt

Operation IRL. Well.. kind of. Check out the real-life placement of organs and body stuff with this AR T-shirt. 

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