STEM toys for Kids aged 7+

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1. 4M Tin Can Robot  make a robot out of an old tin can - £19.99

Turn an old can into a robot. It’s basically a Transformer with googly eyes. 

2. Gheko Climbing Robot - £39.99

All the fun of a pet without the poop. Build your own gecko, inchworm, phone holder or whatever you want really. This open-play suction robot won’t suck all the fun out of Christmas (sorry, not sorry).  

3. Tech will Save Us, Speaker Kid - 34.99

Make your own speaker out of stuff you find in your home. Now you can listen to that Shawn Mendez song allllllll day. 

4. Shark Lady - £8.38

A beautifully made book about a young girl who dreamt of working with sharks forever. Written by Zoologist Jess Keating based on her own life, it tells the story of an inspiring person in STEM. Did we mention it’s about sharks?

5. Solar Powered Robot - £19.95

This solar-powered robot can be transformed into 14 different robot models with functional movement powered by sunlight or inside lights.

6. Does it fart? - £5.29 

What is a black hole? Where do babies come from? And does a snake fart? This book answers some of these questions. Perfect for when a child asks you stuff that you also want to know the answer to. 

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