TeenTech City

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540 students from 50 different London schools, 80 teacher's, 300 tech volunteers and 45 Otters* came together on 1st May at The Emirates Stadium for the latest TeenTech City event.

TeenTech City saw a range of STEM-related employees and companies showcasing potential career paths for students aged 12 - 13 years old. Being the cool kids we are we decided to explore the role of a UX (User Experience) designer, because who would have heard of that role when they’re in Year 8?

Taking them through offline and online versions of the examples of the job, we explored the importance of CTA’s, user profiles and A/B Testing. We then set the task of designing a new C.I.A. landing page, whose primary goal was to get the user to start a mission. Although we only had 15 mins with each group, they produced an amazing array of designs:

Think you could do an even better job? Well, we’re hiring to let us know what you would do! You can apply HERE

* no otters were harmed in the making of this blog post or the duration of TeenTech City

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