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With mummies and ghosts getting a bit old we thought it’s time to update your creepy costumes using some seriously scary tech.

One of the scariest pumpkins we've seen  

Hole-y Moley

Many magicians became famous by poking swords through people. But Youtuber Mark Rober found a way to poke a hole through your stomach without a top hat or rabbit in sight. Using two tablets, he made a super realistic illusion without the use of smoke nor mirrors.


Seeing Double

Picture this. Walking down the road. Twelve people walking towards you. WITH THE SAME FACE. Now that would be weeeeeeird. Thanks for That’s My Face that could be a reality. Get a 3D printing of your face.

Life is but a painting  

The Mona Lisa is famous for having eyes which follow you in the room. With a T-Shirt and a smartphone you can have the same thing, just think less glamour and more goul. Using Morphsuits you can have moving eyeballs or a beating heart dripping out of your chest. If you want a real-life installation in your house check out Raspberry Pi’s moving portraits

The Robot.

Bring the iconic dance move to life using a Raspberry Pi and Arduino as explained Youtuber Estefannie Explains It All. We can’t guarantee it’ll improve your score on Just Dance but it can help hide some stiff shoulders.

At Detective Dot we haven’t gotten round to making any cool costumes ourselves, so to make up for it we’re giving you 15% off by using SPOOKYSALE at checkout!

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