Top-Secret spy gifts for agents in training

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Who doesn’t want to be a spy???? Well… we can’t say, as that wouldn’t be very spy. Help your little ones go undercover with these spy toys. 

1. Our life Kids Camera action - £39.99

Water-proof, shock-proof and custard-proof* camera that fits in a pocket. It’s perfect for undercover missions, surveillance and, of course, finding out who is eating all of the jaffa cakes. 

*not proven, but it sounds fun 

2. SpyX laser trap alarm - £17.99

Whether you’re setting up a professional wrestling ring or a quarantine, sometimes you’ve got to keep an eye on what’s going on. This tiny alarm set will alert anyone who tries to enter the blocked-off area. So create a person- and pet-free zone to protect your top-secret files and gear. 

3. Rubber band engineering - £10.49 

There’s a lot of stuff you can do with a rubber band. Emergency hair tie. Emergency bracelet. Emergency spaghetti holder. Find out what more you can with rubber bands and create contraptions around them. 

4. Tree ID Cards - £4.99

Being a spy means you can find yourself in unknown environments. Being able to recognise plants and trees is a great way to recognise where you are, hide from enemies and infiltrate an underground group of botanists who are trying to weaponise poison ivy with drones and socks*. 

*may or may not be based on real life events

5. Sustainable backpack - $79.99 

You’re going to need something sturdy to keep hold of all your spy gadgets and emergency snacks, why not one that is saving the planet at the same time AND can be personalised (agent names only ofc)?

6. Sellotape, paper and scissors 

We challenge you to beat us at a disguise challenge. Using stuff in the house, can your little ones create a spy disguise? Can they turn an old egg box into a walkie talkie? Transform a toilet paper roll into a telescope?  All spy gadget designs can be submitted to the Children’s Intelligence Agency for feedback (  

7. The Megapack - £18.99

It would be weird not include our own spy kit, where kids can join the Children’s Intelligence Agency – the only top-secret spy agency run by kids. 

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