Top STEM Gifts for Kids Age 10+

Posted by Alice Waterman-Hale on

'Tweens' and older kids can still have fun learning through play, with educational books and toys. In fact, our research has revealed that a lot of grown-ups like to steal these awesome STEM gifts too. We don't blame them. 

  • The CIA Megapack (£18.99) - Our award-winning personalised spy pack takes kids aged 7-11 on a coding adventure - inviting them to become part of the CIA, where they complete top secret missions. Covers the computing curriculum concept, preparing Agents for superstar high-school coding antics. 👊🏽💥
  • Meccano Meccaspider (£44.99) - Draws on science, tech and maths learning to create the coolest robot spider you have ever seen. Seriously try and find a cooler one. You won’t.
  • BinaryBots Dimm from Smart Toy Robot (£39.99) - for ages 8 and up - we think 10+ kids will love how this clever, codable robot kit plugs into BBC Microbit.
  • K’Nex Thrill Rides Electric Inferno Roller Coaster Building Set (£44.99) - Takes older kids’ understanding of systems to new heights, as they build scary rides.
  • Python for Kids (£19.36) - clear and informative guide to a coding language even Drone can find a bit daunting - and has a cool picture of a snake.
  • My First Book of Quantum Physics (£14.14) - aimed at ages 8-12, loved also by grown-ups who have forgotten how Schrodinger’s cat meows.
  • Celestron Travelscope (£63.00) - A serious telescope, gets mini astronomers stargazing. Doubles up as a pretend-play astronomy sausage.  
  • Snapino Arduino Compatible Experiment Kit (£34.56) - Not for beginners. Great for levelling up Aimed at 12+, introduces kids to Arduino so, little ones can start becoming real inventors.
  • Hidden Figures: Young Readers Edition (£6.27) - Follows the African-American female NASA mathematicians who helped get us into space 🙌🏿💫👩🏿‍🚀 - for ages 8-12.
  • Lego Boost Creative Toolbox (£129.99) - For ages 7-12, includes awesome guitar-playing cat robot.

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