Top STEM Gifts for Kids Age 7+

Posted by Alice Waterman-Hale on

Kids aged 7 and up will love learning through play with these awesome STEM books and toys. The best educational Christmas gifts for over 7's, according to our intelligence sources, are: 

  • The CIA Megapack (£18.99) - Our award-winning personalised spy pack takes kids on a coding adventure - inviting them to become part of the CIA, where they complete top secret missions. Covers the computing curriculum concept for kids aged 7+. 👊🏽💥
  • Thames & Kosmos Geckobot (£45.00) - This is not a drill. It’s a GECKO ROBOT THAT CLIMBS WALLS! - teaching 8+ kids about air pressure, suction and surface texture as it goes.
  • Really Gross Science from John Adams (£15.99) - Finally realise your life-long dream of making your own bogey-filled nose! Not for the easily-grossed-out, but our Agents can handle it.
  • Anki Cozmo Robot (£159.99) - Comes with a book and personality that make this robot an approachable way to start coding.
  • Wonder Workshop Dot Creativity Kit (£79.99) - Dash’s cuter, cheaper little sibling - has its own costumes, coding challenges, and a really cool name. Great at making intense eye contact. If you want to build a whole family of eyeball-themed coding robots, see also Dash’s expensive, goth older sibling for ages 11+.
  • Gravitrax Starter Set (£34.99) - Teaches kids about gravity, magnetism and kinetic energy as they freestyle their own tracks for a science-y marble run.
  • Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit (£79.99) - ‘Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic.’ - our kind of Christmas to-do list.
  • BUKI 8634 Chemistry Lab (£34.90) - Lets kids do 200+ experiments with things like acid-alkali reactions and density. Plus looks really cool.  
  • Code your Own Adventure (£8.99) - Making coding accessible, fun and interactive, uses Scratch (kid-friendly code language) & puts little ones centre stage.
  • Magical Microbes Mudwatt (£31.33) - You need to ship it from the USA, but... it helps kids light up an LED using electrogenic microbes feasting on soil. And if that’s not a great gift, we don’t know what is.

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