Top STEM Gifts for Kids Age 5+

Posted by Alice Waterman-Hale on

Looking for STEM & STEAM gifts for a 5 or 6 year old? We've got you. Here are our favourite books and toys for getting primary school-age kids into all things STEM. Perfect educational Christmas gifts! 

  • The CIA Megapack (£18.99) - Our award-winning personalised spy pack takes kids on a coding adventure - inviting them to become part of the CIA, where they complete top secret missions. Covers the core curriculum concept for kids aged 7+... but if you know a super-curious 5 or 6 year old, they might just become the CIA’s youngest agent. Which would be pretty cool. 👊🏽💥
  • Your Secret Code (10.99) - Creates a book starring the 4-6 year old reader - then gets them to ‘boss around’ their own AR robot in a code game.
  • Tech Will Save Us Marvel Avengers Electro Hero Kit (£24.99) - Teaches 3+ kids electronics - using something called ‘electro dough’ to conduct electricity.  
  • This Book Thinks You’re a Scientist (£6.67) - Helps you do fun stuff like invent constellations, and think what would happen if dogs were magnetic.
  • Botley the Coding Robot (£79.00) - Looks like a happy little ice cube with eyes. Lets kids as young as 5 programme up to 80 steps in one sequence.
  • City Engineering & Design Building Set (£24.00) - Walks kids through investigations, encourages them to collect data as they go.
  • Tiger Anatomy Model (£26.99) - Because what’s more awesome than human skeletons? Tiger skeletons.
  • Robot Turtles (£24.97) - Coding fun for kids as young as 3 and 4 - but they had us at ‘robot turtles’.  
  • Beaker Creatures Liquid Reactor Superlab (£25.00) - Looks like a proper, actual science lab - lets you extract alien creatures from eggs by using something called ‘hydroplungers’.
  • Ada Twist, Scientist (£8.99) - Rhyming story celebrating curiosity and diverse heroes in science. Will knock your socks off. 

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