We’re expanding the Children’s Intelligence Agency to 22K schools with EDF!

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We are SO chuffed to have won EDF’s Pulse Award for inspiring young people into tech! This means that we’ll be bringing Detective Dot and the Children’s Intelligence Agency (the CIA) to 22,000 schools across the UK with EDF. That’s a lot of new potential CIA agents! Kids will be doing important top-secret work for the CIA investigating things such as the Power of Poo  How can harness the power of poo? Why do adults throw away this liquid gold despite evidence showing its potential to provide sustainable energy? Is bat poo really is explosive?  Are cow farts the cause of climate change? Lots of important work to be done!

Here’s our super important Old Age Agent (OAA) founder Sophie Deen presenting Detective Dot to the CEO of EDF (photo from Wired):

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