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Who is Detective Dot for?

All kids everywhere. All races, all cultures, all backgrounds and abilities. Children learn to read at different ages, and while there’s no hard and fast rules, Detective Dot is loved by advanced readers aged 8+. We’re finding that the majority of readers are around 9 years old.

Is the book hard cover or soft cover?

Softcover! It's better for the environment.

How much does your stuff cost?

The book costs £12.99 wherever you are. But of course shipping costs vary. Once you’ve entered in the delivery details, you’ll be able to see the shipping fee.

How did you come up with such a great idea?

It all happened like this.

How environmentally friendly is your book/CIA pack?

As environmentally friendly as it gets! All our products are made with recycled paper, using biodegradable inks, finishes, and glue, with renewable energy. We’re totally committed to making everything we do completely sustainable, which is why we’ve thoroughly investigated every part of our products’ journey from raw materials to your hands.

When are you releasing another book/more CIA missions?

Lots more exciting plans are afoot! We’ll update our website as soon as we know more.

Why is coding important?

Without coding, you wouldn’t have spaceships, the internet, or the ability to tweet through your fridge. Everything in the digital age is built on code, so having digital skills is essential to understand the world around you. Businesses thinks so too - coding is the #1 sought after skill in employees. It’s super creative. It’s for animators, gamers, entrepreneurs, and makers. An estimated 2.3 million digital workers will be needed in the UK alone by 2020, and over half of jobs requiring coding aren’t even in software companies. So basically, it’s the new universal language that you need to know. Okay.

How do the CIA packs work?

When you buy the CIA pack, either on its own or in the Megapack with the book, the pack’s receiver gets lifetime membership to the Children’s Intelligence Agency (CIA). A TOP SECRET envelope is sent straight to the receiver, containing a membership card, CIA missions, stickers, and a welcome letter addressed to them! The welcome letter begins as follows: "Dear Recruit, We believe you are an ideal agent for the Children’s Intelligence Agency, a secret organisation investigating criminal networks, global mysteries, and rotten teachers. Your ability to think for yourself and conjure up brilliant, totally out-of-the-ordinary ideas, your tendency to ask questions, your strong imagination, your skill for finding out secrets, and your knack for pulling the wool over adults' eyes are exactly the sort of skills we look for in an agent. As a member of the CIA…" In the order page, you can write the receiver’s name, which will replace “Recruit”, and any personalized message you want, which will replace the whole paragraph reading “Your ability to...look for in an agent.” You can add the receiver’s own skills and interests, to make it extra exciting, or whatever else you want! Just remember how this message will fit into the rest of the letter: signing it with your own name, for example, will look odd in the middle of a letter from the CIA!

Why coders, not Kardashians?

The Kardashians have built an amazing commercial empire. They are brilliant entrepreneurs and that’s really cool. Our tagline is speaking to a wider issue - in today’s world, we're encouraging our children to be reality stars, or to pursue fame as an end in itself. And celebrities get so much more visibility and validation that scientists, techies, entrepreneurs, social innovators etc. From the outside, I’m not sure how many young children appreciate the business nous and hard work of the Kardashians. But more generally, we don’t want to be mean about the Kardashians, we just want to counter an obsession with selfies and social media and having the latest fashion item. Our tagline is meant to be make people reflect on the role models we are offering kids. We want more diversity, and to offer different role models for kids, who show off their brains to make their way in the world.


I’ve placed my order. How can I change the shipping address?

Please contact hello@detectivedot.org and if your order hasn’t been dispatched yet, we’ll be able to change it for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We can ship anywhere in the world. Including quite a lot of countries we’d never visited before.

I live abroad. How much will postage cost?

When you enter your address during checkout, your postage cost will be automatically calculated and added to your order.

I’m ordering this as a gift. How can I select gift options at checkout?

With our products, you don’t need to worry - there’s no receipt in the package, and all packages come in a TOP SECRET CIA envelope which is much more exciting than boring wrapping paper.

Why can’t I order multiple CIA packs or Megapacks?

Our CIA packs are designed to be a super exciting experience when they arrive: the receiver gets a TOP SECRET envelope addressed to them! This means that they need to be ordered and shipped individually. If you really want to buy lots of CIA packs at once, please contact hello@detectivedot.org and we’ll figure out a plan!

How long will my stuff take to arrive?

Orders placed before 12pm on a working day will be dispatched on the same day. All other orders are dispatched on the next working day. Our standard domestic shipping option is 2nd class Royal Mail, so should be with you 2-3 days after that. You also have the option to select a 24 hour tracked courier service if you just can’t wait! For overseas customers, the shipping time can vary a lot, but you’ll get an estimate of it when you enter your shipping address. To give you a rough idea, our packages can get to most places in the world within 7-10 days.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

At the moment, the only way to ship to multiple addresses is to place a separate order for each address you want to use. Sorry about that! If you create an account with our site, most of your details will be filled in for each new order.

Can I choose express shipping?

If you’re in the mainland UK, you can select a 24 hour service. If you’re anywhere else, I’m afraid we don’t have any faster shipping options at the moment!

I’ve bought the ebook - how to I transfer it to my reading device?

The easiest way to open your ebook is just to open this email on your ereading device, hit the download link, then open the file once it’s downloaded. Your device should recognize that this is an ebook and open it with the right app. If this doesn’t work, you can try the following: Download the file onto your device, using the link, just like above. Navigate to ‘My Files’ -> ‘Downloaded Files’. Press on the Detective Dot ebook until a drop down menu appears Select ‘Open With…’ and then find your ereading app Or, to download it via your computer, do the following: Download the file onto your computer, using the link Connect your ereader to your computer. Open up your ereader’s files on your computer. On your computer, navigate to the place on your ereader where your other ebooks are saved (or just to a folder which you’ll be able to find via your ereader). Copy the file from your computer’s Downloads folder into that ereader folder. On your ereader, navigate to the folder where you’ve just saved it Select ‘Open With…’ and then find your ereading app If it’s still not working, see The ebook won’t open on my reading device! Or contact us at hello@detectivedot.org and we’ll try to help.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept any kind of debit and credit card, as well as PayPal, Amazon Payment, and Apple Pay!

Why was my card charged more than the amount listed on my order?

We won’t have charged you more than the amount we stated when you placed the order. However, if you’re outside the UK, your bank may have charged you a Foreign Transaction Fee or International Processing Fee.

Issues and Returns

What is your returns policy?

We’re happy to replace any damaged or defective items within 28 days. We can refund unwanted books within 28 days if they’re returned in good condition. Unfortunately, we can’t refund unwanted CIA packs as they’re personalized for each customer - nobody else is going to want that!

How do I return an unwanted order?

Just email hello@detectivedot.org, quote your order number, and tell us what we can do to help!

My stuff was damaged in transit. Can I get it replaced?

Of course - just email hello@detectivedot.org, quote your order number, and tell us what we can do to help!

I’ve ordered something by mistake - how do I cancel it?

Just email hello@detectivedot.org and if we’ve not dispatched the order yet, we’ll be able to cancel it. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until it arrives and then follow the usual order returns process.

My order’s not arrived yet!

Please contact hello@detectivedot.org and we’ll do our best to trace it for you. If your order’s more than a week late we’ll be happy to refund or replace it!

I’ve not received my receipt or confirmation email!

Sometimes, emails get delayed in the servers, so try waiting a few minutes. Or, check your spam folder in case it’s ended up there. If there’s definitely no sign of it, just email us and we’ll send it to you again!

Why is there no receipt in my package?

To save paper and to make the CIA agent experience more-spy and less-admin, we don’t include a paper receipt with our products. However, you’ll get a receipt email that you can use as proof of purchase, and print out for your records if need be. If you can’t find your receipt email, check your spam folder or get in touch!

I’ve spotted a bug on your site!

We’ve done our best to catch them all, but some pesky bugs still slip through the net. Give us a shout on hello@detectivedot.org to let us know!

The ebook won’t open on my reading device!

See I’ve bought the ebook - how to I transfer it to my reading device? for help making your ebook appear correctly on your ereader. If that hasn’t helped, you may have downloaded the wrong filetype for your device. If your file is a mobi (“Detective_Dot.mobi”), it will only work on Kindle devices, the Kindle app, or some third-party ereading apps. If you don’t have one of these, the easiest thing you can do is download the Kindle app onto your device for free. Otherwise, please email info@detectivedot.org and we’ll send you the correct file (epub) instead. If your file is an epub (“Detective_Dot.epub”), it will not work on Kindle devices or in the Kindle app, though will work on any other device or app. If you’re using a Kindle device or app, the easiest thing you can do is download a free ereader onto your device via your app store. Otherwise, please email hello@detectivedot.org and we’ll send you the correct file (mobi) instead.

Donald Trump has been elected president. What do I do?

Just stay calm and buy plenty of tinned foods and copies of Detective Dot. You’re going to need them.


I’m a school - how do I get hold of a book?

We love schools so much that we offer discounted books for bulk orders (as well as free teaching materials!) to anyone who asks nicely! Just drop us a line at hello@detectivedot.org and we’ll send some big discounts your way.

I’m a teacher, where can I find your curriculum materials?

All our teaching materials are free and available to download right here!