Our mission is to inspire all kids to engage with STEM and computer science, regardless of gender, ethnicity or background.

We’re fed up with silly princesses and knights who don’t know the first thing about fake news, hacking, or protecting their identity online.

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Learn to code with stories

KS1 + KS2 Computing

Free Teaching Resources

These resources can be used as part of your computing lessons, or as part of english, science, maths, and geography lessons. For students ages 7-11 (and beyond!)

Chapter by chapter synopsis with curriculum links and tech vocabulary.


Help parents understand what their kid is learning at school with our guide.


Exploring the World Wide Web, the Wood Wide Web & internet safety.


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Teachers us

The children were very engaged, motivated to learn and they thought about technology in new, and interesting, ways.
Paul Antcliffe, Teacher

Fantastic. It's essential to see strong female role models in STEM and Detective Dot is just that. My class love her!
Sylvia Kitoko, Teacher

Dot's a great role model: not only can she code, but she cares that her coding makes the world that bit better.
Miles Berry, University of Roehampton

Stories with a conscience,
Edtech with a ❤️

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