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What is a personalised message?

When your kid becomes a member of the CIA, they’ll receive a letter addressed to them explaining why they’re the perfect candidate. You have the option of writing the opening paragraph to that letter, citing your kids many talents.

We’ve written a default paragraph below....

“Your ability to think for yourself and conjure up brilliant, totally out-of-the-ordinary ideas, your tendency to ask questions, your strong imagination, your skill for finding out secrets, and your knack for pulling the wool over adults' eyes are exactly the sort of skills we look for in an agent.”
"what a book!"

Think for yourself. Question everything.

Become a lifelong member of the Children’s Intelligence Service with the CIA pack. As well as cool CIA agent stuff, kids get seven top secret missions to complete, which get kids thinking critically about the world they live in.

The CIA pack is delivered in a top secret envelope addressed to your kid. Exciting and mysterious, it makes the perfect ready-made gift.

CIA membership includes:

  • CIA membership card
  • Seven fun missions for kids to complete
  • A personalised letter from the CIA
  • A CIA sticker sheet
  • Lifelong membership to the CIA
  • For a limited time only: become a founder member of the CIA and be one of the first 500 people to join.

What people are saying

  • _Informative, funny, original.

    _Mary Moncrieffe, Parent of 2, 7 Dec 2016

  • _Since reading it my son has certainly been more considered in his approach to the world - I'm constantly being asked what things are made of, what country they come from. etc. It's gratifying and infuriating in equal measure. Thank god for Google.

    _Fionnuala O'Driscoll, Mum, 30 Nov 2016

  • _Perfect for school libraries: coding & ethics in supply chains.

    _@FairtradeUKEd, 11 Dec 2016

  • _I like the depth in the characters and the fact you haven't dumbed down the computer language too much. I also like the multi- cultural dimension of the characters and how children come across as being both powerful and agents for change in the world.

    _Hayley Davis, Teacher, 31 Jul 2016

  • _The look of total joy on my daughter's face when she realised she was a secret agent was priceless.

    _Simon Cook, London