Coding for Kids: A Parent’s Guide by Detective Dot

Coding for Kids: A Parent’s Guide by Detective Dot

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Help your kids learn about algorithms, fake news and the power of a good emoji. Featuring: 

  • Computer Science 101 -  get confident with the basics
  • What your kids are learning at school - the national curriculum demystified
  • Computer Science glossary - all the words you need to know
  • Helpful resources - our favourite videos, activities and resource packs
  • World Wide Web teaching resources - lesson plans and activities to teach kids how the internet works (cables under the sea!) while discovering one of the most ancient networks of the natural world - the Wood Wide Web

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Award-winning stories
Learn to code without hardware or jargon
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Who is Detective Dot?

Dot eats binary for breakfast, logic for lunch and HTML for tea.

She’s a nine-year-old coder on a mission with the Children’s Intelligence Agency – investigate teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly and her global tech empire.

Expect farting selfie-sticks, micro-pigs on hover-boards, and the most high-tech children's spy unit in the world.

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