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CIA letter

Dear ,

We believe you are an ideal agent for the Children's Intelligence Agency, a secret organisation investigating criminal networks, global mysteries, and rotten teachers.

49 / 50 Words Allowed

Who is Detective Dot?

Dot eats binary for breakfast, logic for lunch and HTML for tea.

She’s a nine-year-old coder on a mission with the Children’s Intelligence Agency – investigate teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly and her global tech empire.

Expect farting selfie-sticks, micro-pigs on hover-boards, and the most high-tech children's spy unit in the world.

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They think it is 100% legit... It is total magic for them.

Catherine, Mum of 2

Great gadgets, lots of mystery and the cliff hangers are intense.

Hannah, aged 9

The birthday girl couldn't put the book down and read the whole thing in a day! Loves the secret missions too.

Uncle Ayo

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