Spy Megapack

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For kids aged 7+

The perfect personalised gift, featuring an adventure story book, starring Detective Dot and her friends and a top secret invitation to the Children’s Intelligence Agency. Your little agent can become a top secret spy - and complete fun offline activities and online games,  which teach the principles of coding from the UK curriculum.


  • Detective Dot story book
  • Personalised letter from the CIA
  • CIA membership card
  • Six spy-themed offline activities
  • CIA sticker sheet
  • Lifetime access to CIA online missions and games


🏆 Voted 'Top coding toy for kids' by the Independent, The Sun and the Evening Standard.


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Made by Bright Little Labs

Award-winning stories
Learn to code without hardware or jargon
Teacher approved

That all sounds great,
but how does it work?

How it works


Enter your kid's name


The Children’s Intelligence Agency generates a personal invite


Top secret delivery to your child

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CIA letter

Dear ,

It’s been brought to our attention by that you’d make an ideal agent for the Children’s Intelligence Agency: a secret organisation investigating criminal networks, global mysteries, and rotten teachers.

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Personalise the Children's Intelligence Agency recruitment letter

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Dear   ,

You can customise your CIA letter even more by clicking this button and editing the body text, but it's totally optional.


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