The Megapack

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For kids aged 6+

 The Megapack

An award-winning STEM kit for kids aged 6+. This personalisable gift features a coding adventure book, spy missions and a membership to the Children’s Intelligence Agency. Loved by teachers, parents + kids around the world.

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Voted Best Buy Coding Gift by the Independent, the Telegraph and the Sun!🏆

  • An adventure story ebook mapped against the UK computing curriculum
  • A bonus 14 day Spy Training Programme to keep kids busy over the holidays
  • Personalised letter inviting your kid to the Children’s Intelligence Agency (CIA) 
  • Six STEM-based ‘missions’ 
  • Free access to the CIA’s digital hub and app


Are you a key worker?

WELOVEYOU. You’re so amazing, we can’t say thank you enough. This one is on us. Use code KEYWORKER at checkout for a free Digital Megapack. If this isn’t you, don’t use the code. We’re a small company, and we’re really affected by Covid-19 too, so please respect that 😎

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    Award-winning stories
    Learn to code without hardware or jargon
    Teacher approved

    Who is Detective Dot?

    Dot eats binary for breakfast, logic for lunch and HTML for tea.

    She’s a nine-year-old coder on a mission with the Children’s Intelligence Agency – investigate teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly and her global tech empire.

    Expect farting selfie-sticks, micro-pigs on hover-boards, and the most high-tech children's spy unit in the world.

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    Our story

    We’re on a mission to bring diverse characters, gender-neutrality and digital skills to all kids, everywhere.

    We started on Kickstarter, and have since become an award-winning story, loved by the Cabinet Office, children in over 30 countries, and our mums.

    We believe in fair-trade, so we make all our stuff sustainably in Britain, and because teachers rock, for every book you buy, we give free materials to a school.

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