Digital Spy Megapack

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Digital Spy Megapack

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For kids aged 7+

Compatible with Kindle, iOS and Android.

An award-winning STEM kit for kids aged 7+. The perfect homeschool activity, featuring an adventure story e-book, starring Detective Dot and her friends and a top secret invitation to the Children’s Intelligence Agency. Packed with spy-themed activities and games, which teach the principles of coding from the UK curriculum.


  • Detective Dot story e-book
  • Letter from the CIA, which you can personalise!
  • A bonus Spy Training Planner - plan out the book and activities over 14 days
  • Six spy-themed offline activities
  • Lifetime access to CIA online missions and games


Are you a key worker?

WELOVEYOU. You’re so amazing, we can’t say thank you enough. This one is on us. Use code KEYWORKER at checkout for a free Digital Megapack. If this isn’t you, don’t use the code. We’re a small company, and we’re really affected by Covid-19 too, so please respect that 😎


🏆 Voted 'Top coding toy for kids' by the Independent, The Sun and the Evening Standard.



    Made by Bright Little Labs

    Award-winning stories
    Learn to code without hardware or jargon
    Teacher approved

    That all sounds great,
    but how does it work?

    <FOR YOU>

    1) Print out this pack

    1) Print out this pack

    Double sided if poss
    (save the trees🌳)

    2) Personalise it

    2) Personalise it

    Go to: Complete the form to receive your personalised letter by email. Print and swap it with the existing 'Dear Recruit' letter.

    3) Hide the pack somewhere

    3) Hide the pack somewhere

    Or give it to your little agent directly and become their 'trusted adult' - an important role within the CIA.


    1) Read Detective Dot

    1) Read Detective Dot

    The book is gripping, dangerous, and covers all the concepts of KS1 and KS2 computing.

    2) Complete the activities

    2) Complete the activities

    Cut out the CIA membership card, create your spy profile and complete all six STEM based missions. Use pen, paper, egg cartons, umbrellas. Whatever it takes.

    3) Continue the spy journey online

    3) Continue the spy journey online

    Finished? As if! You're just getting started. Access free spy material on the Children's Intelligence Agency App ( Android + iPhone) and the CIA website (

    Who is Detective Dot?

    Dot eats binary for breakfast, logic for lunch and HTML for tea.

    She’s a nine-year-old coder on a mission with the Children’s Intelligence Agency – investigate teenage trillionaire Shelly Belly and her global tech empire.

    Expect farting selfie-sticks, micro-pigs on hover-boards, and the most high-tech children's spy unit in the world.

    Meet more characters

    Our story

    We’re on a mission to bring diverse characters, gender-neutrality and digital skills to all kids, everywhere.

    We started on Kickstarter, and have since become an award-winning story, loved by the Cabinet Office, children in over 30 countries, and our mums.

    We believe in fair-trade, so we make all our stuff sustainably in Britain, and because teachers rock, for every book you buy, we give free materials to a school.

    Read more about us

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    Spy Megapack

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    Our award-winning STEM kit for kids aged 7+. Go on an adventure with the Detective Dot story book and continue the fun with top secret spy activities, which teach the key principles of coding. Loved by teachers, parents + kids around the world.

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